Your Struggles Have Prepared You to Thrive

Your Struggles Have Prepared You to Thrive

Cheers to 2024!

With each new year there is always the beautiful spirit of a fresh start. This is a season of reflection, and this leads many of us to focus in on the experiences and situations we no longer want to be in. There is nothing that you have went through that you will not need or use in your future. Often times we question why a thing happened for us instead of realizing that the thing in question actually happened for us. Your struggles have prepared you to thrive in this new year.

Every time you place one foot in front of the other you move further away from struggle and closer to your purpose. Experience is life's greatest teacher and your struggles make up your life experiences. You haven't lived before so each experience is increasing your knowledge bank, improving your decision making skills, and building up your resilience. Muscles must be built up through exercise and it is the same with your ability to withstand the storms of life. 

The struggles you have tried so hard to hide and cover up, have actually laid the foundation for you to thrive in this new season. 

Here are 3 journaling prompts to provide you with more clarity:

1. What struggles have I overcome that I have kept a secret?
2. How can I leverage my past struggles to increase my growth mindset?
3. What muscle did these struggles build? (Confidence, resilience, courage, strength, etc.)? 

You did not go through and overcome all that you have to limit yourself in this next season. You survived every "bad day" of your life, you are much stronger than even you realize, and the only person that can stand in your way is you!

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing everything you achieve this year!
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