The Season of Silence: Resetting Your Focus

The Season of Silence: Resetting Your Focus

“Never discuss a problem with someone who’s incapable of solving it” -We make something insignificant much more important when we give it our attention. No complaining, no’s time to keep our mouths closed in this season. God is rewarding those who stay focused.

This morning I was in prayer and meditation and had one of the largest revelations I’ve received in months. The thing about revelations is that they are so fundamental, and maybe something you feel you should have known all along, but a revelation from God can only happen when you open your ears to HEAR and you open your heart to RECEIVE what is being revealed to you.

Each new level brings a new set of problems, a new learning curve, and a space where you have to reject your old way of thinking and your old way of doing things.


I found myself in this space of what seemed like so much “bs” happening to me, and as a result I ended up doing much self-reflection - “what is it about me that is attracting this”, “what am I doing to invite this”, “what have my thoughts and my words been like”, etc. Self-reflection is very important. I have never been the type to write myself off as being the party in the right, I consider my role in every situation. Honest self-evaluation offers us a true and unbiased view of the big picture.

When it is a situation you cannot find any fault in, you have to dig deeper. Nothing happens by coincidence or happenstance. If you see a pattern chances are something is happening for you, and when something is happening for you, you will definitely want to get quiet so that you can hear from the source.

What You Give Your Attention to Grows

We can work ourselves up to the point that we are in an emotional frenzy, to the point of feeling stressed, to the point of feeling burned out. Emotional maintenance is as much effort (arguably more) than physical work. The “bs” that continued to happen were minor things that should have, could have, and would have been overlooked had I been focused and on my post. There were instances that should’ve gone in one ear and out the other, should’ve been laughed at and shrugged off, should’ve just said what I needed to say and moved on…yet I decided to dwell on them. This caused them to snowball into something larger in my mind.

Silence is Golden

I decided to complain and to vent to the people I trusted, even though I knew they couldn’t help me. They could tell me what they thought, how they felt, what they would do if it were them, to “let it go”…but they could not offer any real resolutions.

Often times we look to others to provide comfort and solutions, when the true peace and answers have already been placed on the inside of us. In life we go through seasons. Silence the negative chatter in your mind, eliminate negative conversations, stop venting, stop complaining. Stay focused, stay on task, your reward is on the way.

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