The Importance of Self-Love and How to Cultivate It

The Importance of Self-Love and How to Cultivate It

Self-love is so important because everything you do is contingent upon the condition of your heart. The way we view the world around us is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. In turn, our views dictate the ways we show up and behave.

So much of our lives is dedicated to the pursuit of love, but oftentimes we neglect ourselves in the process. Love is what gives our life meaning and joy. But in order to share and receive love me must first learn how to love ourselves and receive love from ourselves.

Cultivate Self-Love by implementing the following steps:

1. Be mindful.

Be mindful of yourself and of others. How do your actions impact your life and how do they impact the lives of those around you?

2. Make room for healthy habits.

This goes beyond diet and exercise, but make sure to make room for physical health as well! Healthy habits include:

Eliminating negative self-chatter and doubt
Speaking kind words only
Making time to volunteer/pour into the community around you

3. Focus your actions on need rather than wants

Shifting this focus allows you to better prioritize. This will result in decreasing the risk of making poor decisions or putting yourself in environments that do not serve your higher self.

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