Define Success For Yourself

Define Success For Yourself

Trying to figure out what we want to do, where we want to live, what legacy we want to leave behind, even just staying ahead on a daily basis is a challenge every busy babe will face. Don't overcomplicate things by allowing others to define what success looks like for your life.

1. Answer the question "What does success look like?"

Navigating our way through life, hanging on to the things we were taught by our loved ones, yet still working to carve out a space that we can call our own may be one of the most challenging things about life.

It is important to gain clarity and to be able to define success for yourself. If not, trust me, there is a long line of people waiting to tell you what it is and what you should/should not be doing.

Does success look like having a lot of money, a degree, a business, climbing the corporate ladder, a family, health, peace...what does success look like in your life?

2. Forget About What Other People Think

He said, she said, they said, your mama said, your daddy said, your significant other said...yea scratch all of that. Your success journey is personal and it has to be something you decide for yourself. What others think during this process is none of your business.

You can seek counsel, but be mindful of who's advice you are listening to. Is it someone who is where you are trying to go? Is it someone who has been where you are trying to go?

3. Get Specific

Don't say you want a lot of money, set an amount, and map out a detailed plan for obtaining it. Don't just say you want a family...who does this family consist of?

The journey to success can get overwhelming and discouraging. It does not happen in a straight line. Being specific gives you the push you need when you are in a downward phase.

You gotta do this for you!

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