3 Things Nobody Told You About Being Single

3 Things Nobody Told You About Being Single

I don't know who needs to hear this, but being single is a good thing. It serves the purpose of getting to know exactly who you are as a woman before hitching your wagon to another person. But while in your single phase here are some things to consider…

1. Date with intention, but have FUN

Go into this with your checklist of all the things you want in a spouse or a mate, especially if that is the end goal, but remember you are spending time that you can't get back. Time is a limited luxury, enjoy yourself on this journey.

This experience is teaching you what you want, what you don't want, what you may need to work on within yourself, and it is giving you first hand experience. All too often do we jump head first into a thing with unrealistic expectations. Little to no experience is what leads to these unrealistic expectations. Enjoy the process and gain the experience necessary, so that when you do enter a relationship you are truly ready.

2. Date them All

Historically, it has been frowned upon and women are automatically labeled or looked at in negative light for serial dating. Even if they are not sexually active with multiple partners, society has always tried to place women in this box forbidding them to explore and decide for themselves what is best for them.

It is common for women to form an emotional connect fairly sooner than men, and because of this even before we are in an established relationship we will often stake our claim on one man.

Sis, this is how situationships form. You know the relationship with no titles or boundaries. This can result in confusion and blurred emotional lines. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.

Until an exclusive relationship is established, date them all.

3. It is better to stay single than to jump in a relationship before you are ready

A relationship will not heal you, a relationship will not make you happy if you are not already happy, a relationship will not save you.

You will find out fast...a relationship will expose exactly where you are. If you have not done the work, a relationship will cause this to surface. And trust me, it is not a pleasant thing.

Do the work to heal, to find the things that make you happy, and to become whole as a woman before entering a relationship.
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